The church, both at Livingston Old and the Church of Scotland as a whole, seek to minimise the risk of harm occurring, to both children an vulnerable adults. For that reason, we have appointed a Safeguarding Co-ordinator to ensure that all of our organisations are aware of best practices in this area, and also to provide a single point of contact in the event that harm does occur.

As part of the Church of Scotland, we also operate under the Church’s overall Safeguarding Service.

Safeguarding Co-ordinators

Our Safeguarding Co-ordinators are Jane Fordyce and Marilyn McCann.

The most direct way to contact the Safeguarding Service is, of course, to speak to Jane or Marilyn in person.

However, if that is either not possible or not desirable for any reason, we would recommend you contact either the Minister (Rev. Dr. Nelu Balaj) or the Session Clerk (Mrs Elspeth Robertson) to request the appropriate contact number – contact numbers are available on the Home page. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us page for the same purpose. In all cases, we will pass on the relevant contact information.

(Please note that messages sent via the Contact Us page are passed in the first instance to the webmaster, who is not a part of the Safeguarding Service. That being the case, you might prefer to send a fairly general message just asking that someone get in touch with you!)