download 2nd Livingston Girls Brigade

2nd Livingston G.B meet every Tuesday 6.30pm in St Andrew’s Church Hall.  The company has been in place for 30 years.
Our year runs from September – June.
We are a Christian uniformed organisation for girls from Primary 1 – S6.
There are 3 groups:

Explorers P1 – P3
Juniors P3 – P7
Brigaders S1 – S6

Unfortunately at this time we have no Brigaders but our young girls are very enthusiastic.  We are also a small but dedicated band of officers and are always looking for volunteers to swell our numbers.
The fees are £20 per year with 50p per week subs.
The purpose of our group is to help give the girls a Christian foundation through story, prayer, music and team work but mostly FUN.