The Village Kirk Sunday Club meets in the Livingston Village Primary School on Sundays during the school term between 9.45-11am.

*** Sunday Club restarts on Sunday 13th January  ****

An adult helper is available from 9.30am to receive children and allow their parents to cross to the Kirk. However, it is preferred that children attend the early part of the service and then travel across to the school with the Leaders.

Parents or those adults responsible for Sunday Club attendees should collect their child(ren) from the school after the service has ended.

At present we have three regular and two further adult helpers but additional help is always appreciated to allow the regular adults a chance to attend worship themselves.

We have 21 children on our register, aged between 1-14years. The Village School provides spacious facilities and we have a variety of source materials to use. We also have access to a display board for the children’s work.

All children are most welcome to attend Sunday Club at any time.