A prism is a clear glass shape. When white light is shone through the prism, refraction causes it to separate into an array of different colours all emerging at different angles.

These studies are part Biblical reflection, part discussion, part practical response, and part encouragement to take fresh faith in God.

Everyone’s experience of living through the pandemic will be different. Some have done so as a family, others on their own, come have used the new technology, others do not have this and have felt excluded, others may feel grateful for having survived, while yet others may still be living with serious financial or health consequences.

Prism aims to gather all these perspectives and allow us to share the lessons learned together and seek to discern what God is saying to his church as we begin to discern his ways for us in the future.

There are six sessions in this course, and we are running them on three different days in three different venues: Monday evenings at St. Andrews, Wednesday evenings on Zoom, or Friday mornings at the Village Kirk.

For more information, please contact Rev. Nelu Balaj (phone number on the home page), or contact us here or on Facebook.

Thanks to the Presbyterian Church of Ireland for permission to use Prism.